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Powered by Angular, Google Firebase and PHP Restful

Build Your Own Social Network Website

WallScript is a social network software built in Angular, Firebase, PHP, RESTful, Oembed, PDO, and OAuth. This helps you understand social networking concepts and create your own social network website.

What is Wall Script?

Using WallScript you can create your own social network website for your business, your university, your school, your sports club, or support your customers.

  • This helps you to understand social networking concepts.
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Responsive and user-friendly interface


It is very lightweight, powerful, secure(token based APIs) and easy way to understand the concepts, this comes with a responsive and user friendly interface.

  • Angular UI
  • PHP Restful
  • Google Firebase
  • Realtime chat

Top Features

Check out our list of awesome features below.

Realtime Chat


Token Based RESTful APIs


Fire Storage

Improved OEmbed Services

Pricing Options

New WallScript

Angular + Firebase + PHP Restful + Responsive



If you are a WallScript 8 user, use this option to purchase the latest WallScript.


WallScript 8

Jquery + PHP + PDO + RESTful APIs + Responsive


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